Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

As a company with a sustainable focus, it only made sense to adopt in to our line-up a household appliance which applied itself to the same cost and resource-saving motifs we expect from our solar energy systems. That is why we have thrown our weight behind the Rheem electric water heater line.

Mounted either inside or outside your home, these innovative products utilise the same tough Australian build across a range of sizes. Their direct main access means there is no pressure lost when the heater is used from multiple taps at once, and the cylinder is backed by a ten-year warrantee. Rheem likes the notion of paying only once for appliances which will last, and so do we.

One of the reasons the Rheem lineup of electric water heaters has such a good energy rating is its efficient and modern method of providing heat. Modern heaters have considerable efficiency advantages over prior models: they have come so far in the past ten years, in fact, that industry representatives recommend upgrading if your heater is older than fifteen. Using only the finest components and state-of-the-art fittings, a Rheem electric water heater will be there for years to come, as will a lower energy bll.

Even apart from the notable savings to be had, at Solar Bright, we take pride in our professional installing team. Our workmanship is only matched by our attention to detail, and we are not happy with our installations until you are.

If you’re looking to upgrade your electric water heater, look no further than the Rheem lineup of electric water heaters, and your professionals at Solar Bright.

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