2 KW and 5 KW Domestic Solar Systems

2 KW and 5 KW Domestic Solar Systems

2 KW and 5 KW Domestic Solar Systems

The planet’s hottest and sunniest continent is an obvious choice for an investment in solar energy. Despite the politicisation of the solar debate in recent years, there is no stopping the advance of solar power. The gains to be had by exploiting this bounty here in Australia are simply too sensible to be avoided for long.

This trend has recently been recognised by state and federal governments, who have moved towards providing rebates and incentives for homeowners and corporate entities who install solar systems. These can take the form of one-time payment rebates at time of purchase, or a ‘feed’ subsidy for those whose systems feed power back in to the grid. These rebates, along with the reduction in power bills, means homeowners and small businesses can make a considerable financial gain by installing solar systems.

For most fitting this category in Australia, the most attractive range are the two kilowatt to five kilowatt solar systems. This wattage range is most likely to consistently provide ample electricity for daytime usage, given the vagaries involved in defining ‘daily usage’. Obviously, different households use differing amounts of energy.

The size of the solar system you choose is, of course, not entirely dictated by your electricity usage. The amount of unfettered access to strong sunlight is vital. Those homeowners with large amounts of south-facing roofs will not get as much direct sun as those facing north. Any vegetation surrounding the roofline will subtract from the total energy available. And the prevailing weather in your area will impact upon total yield: areas with more cloud cover or pollution will require more coverage for a similar power gain, meaning they would lean closer to a 5KW solar system over the 2KW solar system.

Your experts at Econservit can not only recommend the ideal package for you, to see you get the most out of the power of the sun. They can install it and forever change your inherent trepidation when you see a power bill arrive. Talk to us to join the solar savers, and we’ll determine your ideal setup.

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